Execution/approval times can vary, but typical estimated times are listed below.

Paypal: 1-3 business days

Credit cards: 1-3 business days

Bank transfers: 3-15 business days

Western Union:  1-3 business days

Bitcoins: 1 business day

ATTENTION: First Time Customers deposits may require at least 2 additional business days for each of the payment methods.

Please allow a minimum of 3 business days for all deposits before assuming something is wrong with the payment  and contacting support.

Some of our payment providers may request additional KYC documents on a case by case basis before processing payments. It's customer duty to pass these requirements because otherwise we will not get your payment added to our account.

Please Read! PLEASE READ!!!! >>>> Avoid mentioning our sites and product names if you experience deposit delay issue.

Doing so will absolutely result in additional delay in resolving your issue due to confusion being created.